IWEI 2011 - The International IFIP Working Conference on Enterprise Interoperability

Interoperability and Future Internet for next-generation enterprises

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The International Working Conference on Enterprise Interoperability

One of the characteristics of our economy today is that enterprises increasingly (need to) compete and collaborate in a global market, using the internet and other technical means to overcome the traditional barrier of geographical distribution. Another characteristic is continuous and rapid change and innovation, which may be internal or external to individual enterprises, but anyway affecting the way these enterprises can perform in relation to other enterprises and their market environment. The success of an enterprise therefore more and more depends on its ability to seamlessly interoperate with other agile enterprises, and be able to adapt to actual or imminent changes, instead of making some product or providing some service in the most efficient way.

The role of the current internet for enterprise interoperability is essential but at the same time very limited in the light of its potential. The Future Internet should be much more than a universal access and communication infrastructure. It should be able to empower enterprises to innovate by creating new business value in competition and together with other enterprises, based on relevant knowledge about each other and the market. It should do so in a sustainable and socially responsible fashion, making efficient use of physical resources with a minimal environmental footprint. The current internet should evolve into a universal business support system in which enterprises enjoy interoperability services that can be invoked on the fly according to their business needs. Such interoperability services may require physical sensing capabilities as well as extensively exploiting knowledge assets.

This working conference aims at identifying and discussing challenges and solutions with respect to enterprise interoperability, both at the business and the technical level, with a special focus on the use and realization of the Future Internet vision. The conference promotes the development of a scientific foundation for specifying, analysing and validating interoperability solutions; an architectural framework for addressing interoperability challenges from different viewpoints and at different levels of abstraction; a maturity model to evaluate and rank interoperability solutions with respect to distinguished quality criteria; and a working set of practical solutions and tools that can be applied to interoperability problems to date.

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Stockholm, Sweden

March 23-24, 2011